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Waywer is a ground-breaking video communication platform empowering marketing and sales teams to deliver best Customer Experience.

Our solution is already implemented by over 30 corporations


Improve your every sales pitch

Waywer profile business, including pharmaceutical industry, banking and insurance, is pushing forward for cost and performance effective digital marketing. While technology rapidly improves, adoption rates varies among your customers. To stand out, your company has to implement the best performing solution.

Waywer video messages platform tracks all users activities and enable to instantly act - with follow-up message, task or customer profile adjustment.

  • Powerful app for representatives
  • Create impactful follow-ups
  • Leverage your remote engagement with customer up 75%
Video messaging
Digital Sales


Gain advantage over your competitors instantly

Waywer is next generation all-in-one platform to plan, execute, personalize and automate your video asynchronous communication between sales representatives and customers on any device. 

  • Waywer is build as perfect add-on to your current CRM
  • Importer or link your data with easy
  • Build-in Export detailed data feed to your CRM, BI or Excel
  • Build-in content creators - no html5 skills required
  • Build-in customer journeys to automate communication flow
  • Understand your audience faster with real time feeds & reports


Up to 75% engagement rate. Go to the next level of communication 

With enterprise video messaging platform you will be able to create and execute highly personalized and customer engaging video campaigns which convert into sales. All from one place with integration to current CRM, data lake or BI.

Superb Customer Experience

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Boost your sales team performance

Imagine your representatives empowered to run effective follow-ups, instantly response to customer's requests and adjust communication according to Customer. 

We offer meaningful digital transformation for your sales force team to boost marketing performance. With 93% positive customer feedback and up to 75% engagement rate, your representative becomes once again crucial asset for the company.
Reinvent sales force with Waywer.

Follow-up calls
Improve performance
Powerful Insights


Get an exceptionally good feedback from your customers

Rich content, video personalization, focus on mobile and zero installation effort – that’s what makes customer experience of using Waywer so good.

of customers report a positive experience with Waywer messages
of customers request more contact
of customers possitive feedback


Provide perfect responsive rich media content 

Rich Media Content

Include multiple rich media formats including Video and PDF


Include "Call To Action" buttons to gain valuable insight or create automatic post-call activities

Video Presentations

Include your Powerpoint presentation in new powerful video decision based presentation in just few clicks

Perfect on all devices

Focus on your content, we take care of best responsive design. Your message will be perfectly adjusted to mobile, PC or Mac

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